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  • Yasuo Kiyonaga photo exhibition REAL (now open)


Yasuo Kiyonaga photo exhibition REAL (now open)


Yasuo Kiyonaga photo exhibition REAL will be held on the first floor of Gallery Japanesque, Kyoto Museum of Photography from August 18 to October 18, 2020. He will present works combining photographic prints and painted driftwood using his own unique technique. Please come and see them.
*You can see the online exhibition here 


There are many trees in Japan, and they are indispensable to human life.
Trees move quietly and grow with the passage of time.
I took portraits of these trees.
The humid darkness. Insects drawn to the light. The chaos of the lighting process. The sense of fear on a lonely night.
After the photo shoot, I looked at the printed trees. However, there was a sense of distance, and I couldn’t get the same feeling as when standing in front of the real thing. So, I glued dead branches to the photos.
Coloring the branches gave them some life.
Thus, the emotional distance between myself and the trees was closed, and the value of the work was born.

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