Yasuo Kiyonaga

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Woods of Strife 11


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I visited the forest of Mount Kurama north of Kyoto.
Without a word, the trees and plants of the forest pierced the hard earth and crushed the rocks to take root. There, they sprouted, extending their branches and growing leaves.
I shuddered at the endless struggle I witnessed in silence.
I tried to mingle with them, but they rejected me.
Feeling alienated, I pressed the shutter button.
I took these photos to get closer to the forest’s passion.

*Kurama Temple, Mount Kurama
Mount Kurama in northern Kyoto has been considered a sacred mountain for over 1,200 years, since Gantei founded Kurama Temple in 770.
Known since ancient times as “the closest and deepest nature to Kyoto,” the mountain is home to an interconnected network of animals and plants that form an ecosystem.


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