Yasuo Kiyonaga

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Spirit of Forest 7090


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Maybe it’s because I grew up near the quiet, temperate Seto Inland Sea, but forests have always been a source of endless fascination for me. I remember feeling in awe of the presences I sensed among the trees, and this has drawn me back over and over again.

In February, I visited the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains in winter. My photography equipment and the solitude weighed heavily upon me, and the piercing cold stole my body heat.

I was walking along, and before I knew it, I was drawn into an unknown world. I was hesitant to proceed, but my mind was in a state of turmoil and my consciousness faded away as if I were in a trance.

A large figure slowly danced before my mind’s eye. It playfully struck a pose, as if inviting me to take a picture. The encounter lasted only a moment, but it felt much longer.

When I opened my eyes, I was back in the forest. The trees stared down at me, not saying a word. No doubt I was lured in by the spirits who have inhabited Japanese forests since ancient times.


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Digital pigment print on paper KYOKUSHI