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  • Yasuo Kiyonaga photo exhibition Two Landscapes (now open)


Yasuo Kiyonaga photo exhibition Two Landscapes (now open)


As of July 2020, the photo exhibition has begun (updated July 17)

The Two Landscapes photography exhibition has been held at the Kyoto Museum of Photography since July 1. Thirty five works are on display. The 5th edition 11 7/10 × 8 3/10 inch (29.7×21 cm) digital pigment prints are part of a limited edition set. It’s available for 900 dollars on www.artsy.net and other websites.


I had been shooting with a digital camera attached to a 4 x 5-inch view camera because I wanted to use the perspective distortion and tilt-shift technique, and though a 4 x 5 demands precision, I thought it might be fun to take a few whimsical shots.

By extending the bellows as much as possible and shooting out of focus, I managed to take some interesting landscape shots. The photos were blurred to the point that you couldn’t see their contours, but I placed them side by side to see how they would play off each other.

Some might not even recognize this as landscape photography, but I hope you will not be bound by conventions and enjoy it with an open mind.


Please come and see the new landscape photos taken by attaching bellows and lenses from an older camera to the latest mirrorless digital camera and shooting landscapes out of focus.

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